24 december 2013

Bye bye!!

Hi there! It's been a while since I posted something here. I've been busy drawing and working on my portfolio site which has taken up all my spare time. 

Besides that I've decided not to put a lot of effort in this blog anymore. The Turning Pages blog was my personal space on the internet where I showed my portfolio, where I collected inspiration and where I archived my vintage stuff. 

All of that has changed:
- I have a portfolio site and blog 
- I collect my inspiration on Pinterest 

and... I've decided to stop collecting vintage stuff... My house was getting too cluttered! 

I hope to see you on Pinterest, Instagram or any of the other social media.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, I know I did :-)

(postcards from France)

11 september 2013

Snakes & ladders

I recently found this treasure at a flea market. Unfortunately just the board. It's definately old, but I was not able to determine the year it was published. The illustrations look rather victorian. Anyone have a clue?

10 september 2013

My portfolio website

I've been busy working on my portfolio website. It's finally done! Of course I'll refresh it from time to time, as soon as I have documented new work.
If you're interested in checking it out, you can find it here.

From now on the blog 'my absent mind' will mostly show sketches, the process and expos. 

11 augustus 2013

Gansje Kriek en Konijntje Snif

The weirdest thing, I don't remember any particular books or stories from my childhood. What I do remember are illustrations in books and I especially remember certain illustration styles. This book is a good example of an illustration style I clearly remember. The softness, the use of colour and most of all how the girls and the goose are illustrated. 

Illustrated by Belgian illustrator Marcel Marlier.

Original title is: 'L'oie Eugénie et Snif le lapin' by Jeanne Dethise and Marcel Marlier (Casterman)

5 augustus 2013

Vintage lotto and wooden blocks

Two vintage games I thrifted a few months ago
. Lotto cards are always typographic treasures, in my opinion.

2 juli 2013

Vintage postcards

I have a few more vintage postcards which I'd like to share!

I always look for the postcards which were actually sent and have text on them. This one is particularly sweet. A mother writes to her son who's away from home for the holiday. 

Hopefully you'll have a warm and sunny holiday!

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