20 juni 2011

Barbapapa comic

I loved Barbapapa and his Barbafamily when I was young. And it's great to see how timeless it is. My children enjoyed it too. This comic is from 1975 and I bought it thrifting in Utrecht.

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  1. absolutely marvelous! do happen to know the name of the shop where you bought this comic? do they have an appearance on the internet?

  2. Hi Robert, I bought this book at a flea market during Queen's day in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I didn't buy it in a shop, sorry.

  3. thanks for the quick answer. as far as i can tell from the pics you took, the stories are the same (birth, house, trunk) as in the british barbapapa annual of 1976 (which i own myself), with the slight but upsetting difference that the brits would have needed a crash course in layouting (missing parts at all the pages´ edges). i would have thanked you earlier for your answer, but the very night of my post (more exactly the next day) i became a father for the second time; so its all a bit topsy-turvy right now:) greetings and thanks again.

  4. Ho Robert
    Congrats in becoming a father for the second time! Do you collect comics of do you collect Barbapapa items?
    Best wishes! Ellen

  5. hallo ellen,
    thank you for the congratulations:) i do love and collect barbapapa "books" of all kind (and different languages; i actually once ordered one in flemish ["barbapapa in het labyrint" or so, but it never arrived): the wonderful comics (of which i have a lot), and the many wonderful illustrated children´s books of different shapes and lenght. i am not much of a merchandising-lover, so i do not have puppets and gadets [well, my little daughter has some of it]:) but i do have a small (and generally not well organized, except for the barbapapa part) collection of children´s books and comics. they are some kind of inspiration for my own illustration-work. [this march my first illustrated children´s book (german language) has been published, "die geschichte vom zyphius"].
    you do a lot of illustrating/designing/drawing yourself, as i understand? i have to admit, that i didn´t yet have had the time to "stroll" through your blog, which i will do soon. [i found your page while i was searching the internet about informations on barbapapa comics, which are very rare and hard to find as i found out] :/
    best wishes, robert

  6. Hi Robert! Nice to read you have Illustrated a childrens book! I'll Google it asap. I'm a graphic designer, not an illustrator. I sometimes do collages but most of my Illustrated work are black and white structures, ink on paper. On this blog you'll find the link to my other blog where I showcase my drawings.
    This blog shows my inspiration and my collection of vintage items. A lot of which are Illustrated childrens books. I have plans to open a webshop so watch out for it! :-)
    Best wishes, Ellen


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