30 november 2009

orange sky

While driving back from my parents yesterday afternoon we saw a beautiful sky behind us. The sun was setting was colouring the sky a beautiful orange. The only way to photograph it was in the rearview window.

29 november 2009


For the Sinterklaas-celebration at Lewis' school I made this big key. The children use it to open the door to 'the castle'. As could be expected the key broke into two pieces the very first day... Handmade objects are far too fragile for 4 and 5 -year olds.

28 november 2009


About 18 years ago our class had an assignment in Art College called circles. This was one of my design. Each line is drawn by hand using a pair of compasses and an inkpen.

27 november 2009

flying low

My mother always wanted to fly, so finally, when turned 64 we gave her a flight in a small plane as a present. She enjoyed it very much. She saw her hometown and the region she loves so much from the sky. A really exciting experience for her!

4 years ago

Lewis was born on 13th of August, 4 years ago. I designed this birth announcement and used a collage which I had made a few years before.

26 november 2009

Memorygame for the teacher

For Mila's preschool teacher I made this memorygame. I used pictures of her classmates, symbols, children's drawing, portraits of all the teachers. I was very pleased with the result and so was the teacher!

Keeping myself busy

The doodles people make during meetings always look interesting to me. I decided to use my own doodles for backgrounds etc. I used it in a design for Seyster Veste. Seyster Veste is a client of ours at Cascade, the company I work for.

25 november 2009

Magenta rules!

I made this logo and websitedesign for a freelance office manager. Unfortunately she didn't use the design for the website. Too bad, it would have been my first website!

New and improved

A while ago Corné updated his website.
Check it out at www.cb-photography.com.


This is the birthdaycard I designed for Lewis' 4th b-day. I made him a friend-book with these creature as well. I'll post that soon. The book is constantly 'on the road' travelling from one classmate to another.

Fruit of the day

For a while now I've been collecting fruitlabels. I use a small Moleskine for my little collection. While shopping for groceries I can never ignore the little printed treasures. My favourite one is the Mona Lisa. I have no idea what kind of fruit it was pasted on.

24 november 2009

Nearly grown-up

The lips aren't real, fortunately! I was cutting pictures for a collage and Mila and Lewis used these lips to make funny pictures in Photobooth.

15 minutes of fame

This is a collage I made for a book called 'desired identity'.

Me as a logo

I'm originally from Zeeland so I used the logo for the butter 'Zeeuws Meisje' to present myself. I don't use it anymore, but I suddenly thought about it and decided to post it.

Seems a long time ago

These two birthday-invitations are made a year ago but looking at the pictures it seems much longer. The kids look a lot different now. How time flies!

23 november 2009


Work is pretty slow today, so I can post another 'hard-disk-discovery'. Holiday-greeting in times of credit crunch.

Making decisions

I found these designs on my computer at work. An example of how I'm sometimes able to mix my daily job and my 'home assignments'. This is a goodbye gift for an ex-colleague of mine who is now working as a freelance designer/artist.

18 november 2009

Partytime in the woods

Mila turned 7, enough reason to get behind the computer and design an invitation for her party. Fortunately the weather was well enough to celebrate her autumn-birthday in the woods at Lage Vuursche.

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