29 juni 2011


My daughter and I made these pom-pons or flowers for her teachers.


Matt Lyon

Really impressive these colourful works of art, truly amazing! 
Matt Lyon showcases his work at C86 as a UK-based graphic artist: 

'My inspirations are varied, ranging from folk art, fine art and illustration. Current work explores line, colour, pattern and shape... often using reoccurring motifs, themes and anything else I can think of...'

Check out his website to discover an enormous amount of artwork, illustrations, patterns, lettering, typography, drawings and daily updates.

28 juni 2011

Glass negatives

We found these glass negatives at a flea market the other day. I was attracted to the boxes at first but when I saw what was in it I was thrilled! They didn't come cheap, but they were well worth! All of these are reproductions of famous pieces of art and architectural highlights. I'll scan in a few more and show them in another post.
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