31 mei 2010

Dutch Postal service's family game

The PTT used to be the Royal Dutch postal service (Posterijen, Telegrafie en Telefonie) but is now taken over by TNT. Designing for PTT used to be a huge compliment for Dutch graphic designers. Designing a stamp was the best thing that could happen in a design career.

Old school reading

Reading material for 6-7 year olds

30 mei 2010

Queen's day find

This is the only thing I bought for myself at the second hand market on Queen's day (April 30th). I was pleased to discover these illustrations by Max Velthuijs, I only knew his Kikker books.
I have to admit, before I had kids I was hardly interested in children's books. So I wasn't very familiar with the classics. And Kikker by Max Velthuijs is definately one of the Dutch classics. Things have changed; nowadays I love children's books, at least, the ones that are beautifully illustrated!

Texture obsession

I made this sewing machine practice when I was little. As you can see I still make the same kinds of textures, I do them with pen and paper now. I only noticed the connection a few weeks ago.

Encyclopedic wurms and molluscs

Not a very sunny start for this Sunday morning, however, the drawings are superb!

28 mei 2010

Visiting London

London has always been my favorite city. It's been a while since I've been there though. At least 10 years... Time to get to know London all over again! I guess this guide won't help me, London has changed drastically since 1948.

27 mei 2010

Robert Horvitz

Robert Horvitz is an artists for whom the creative process itself plays a primary role, with everything down to the smallest detail being subordinate: a fixed means of expression, rapid, almost unconsciously executed pen strokes and constant use of the same paper type and format. Source Jewish Museum Prague
Definately how I would prefer to be working if I were an artist. Beautiful.
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