31 maart 2011

Vintage Libelle

Libelle is a magazine here to stay. It started publishing in 1934 and is still going strong. A magazine for women from about 30-99 years of age. The vinatge ones are always great to flip through. These are from 1969 and 1964.

The Human Printer

Unlike any other printer the human printer creates unique, individual images each time it prints. Following the same process as a digital printer, the human printer generates the printed product by hand. Throughout the printing process the human printer assumes the role of the machine and is therefore controlled and restricted by the process of using CMYK halftones created on the computer.

30 maart 2011

Ripolin Domino

At a flea market I bought this small box with little cards in it. This is 'Ripolin' said the woman who sold it to me. I nodded as if I knew what she meant, but truth was I didn't know what she was talking about. I just liked the colours and the other cards in the box.
So, once home, I looked up Ripolin and discovered it was a French paint brand. Turns out that the Dutch  Ripolin factory was situated in the town I live in.
Around 1915 they published this paper Domino game. Unfortunately, I don't have the original box.

Above: Émile Vavasseur, 1913. Color lithograph. Part of the MoMA collection

Tara Donovan

Above: Paper Plates, Glue

Above: Ripped & Stacked Tarpaper

Above: Buttons, Glue

Above: Styrofoam Cups, Hot Glue

Have a look at Tara Donovans amazing work here. Read about her ideas here ('the genius of little things).

28 maart 2011

Nouveau petit Larousse

A visit to the thrift shop makes it worthwhile when I come home with a treasure like this one. Especially for a few euros!
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