30 mei 2012

Series Animados

I love these books, I've got three of them. They contain 2 fairy tales, illustrated in a happy, colorful style. I'll show the other two books in a different post.

The ugly duckling

The three little pigs

Young soccer legends part 2

My son and his soccer team. 

photos and montage: Corné Bastiaansen 

28 mei 2012

Mind your hat!

It's been a while since I posted any vintage games. I haven't come across a lot of 'new' ones lately. This game is from 1950, it's similar to Ludo. Unfortunately the box is in poor condition.

27 mei 2012

Vintage photographic material

Seem like such a long time ago that we used films, photographic paper and light bulbs like these. I used to hate working in the dark room. I was never any good at it. I didn't have the patience for it. I prefer Instagram!


22 mei 2012

Young soccer legends

Last week my son and his team became the champions of their F-league. For this occasion my husband photographed the proud players in the dressing room.

21 mei 2012

Dog book

I love to discover vintage dog books. The pictures in it are often so hilarious. This one isn't even that old, but some of the photos really made me smile. So cheesy!

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