19 juli 2010

Happy holiday!

Today we leave for France and Italy for about two weeks! I'm leaving you with these fruitlabels, just so you know I'll be collecting a lot of these during the next holiday. Hopefully I'll be able to discover and collect other great things which I can share here. I'll keep you posted!

16 juli 2010

Vintage children's books

A few great ones from my own collection. I don't remember reading them all though.

Post #400! Kids' drawings

For my 400th blogpost I present some of my kid's drawings. My daughter (7) makes a lot of drawings and doodles, my son (nearly 5) is less interested, but he's starting to enjoy it more and more.

15 juli 2010

Merel Zwart

Space Invaders

Time Machine

Paradise Lost

I don't blog a lot about photography. Maybe it's because I see a lot of it and I don't get impressed easily. Merel Zwart is a Dutch photographer whom I really like and I follow on Twitter. We've never met, but I'm sure we will one day.
I thoroughly enjoy her 'Utopitect project' from which you can see a few examples above. I love the way she has an illustrative eye.

In her project ‘Utopitect’, Merel (re)constructs images of political ideologies and technological progress, taking the viewer back in time, yet at the same time, offering a critical view of the future. Her autonomous/documentary work blurs the boundaries of past and present, dreams and reality, progress and stagnation, emotion and reason.

14 juli 2010

Let's talk about the weather

We've been experiencing quite bad weather the last couple of days, so I thought I'd make up for that with these two schoolbooks about the weather and about magnetism. The illustrations in the weatherbook are great!

Anna Raff's birds

Anna Raff is an illustrator in New York City who who works for children's books, editiorials and magazines. But I especially love her birds. She has a blog where she posts a bird illustration every day. These works are so lovely and humorous. It looks as though she does them in between jobs!

13 juli 2010

Our own country

An atlas about the Netherlands. Eventhough we're a small country it's still possible to fill a whole atlas about Holland.

Raoul Deleo

One of Holland's best illustrators, in my opinion, is Raoul Deleo. His style, concepts and approach amaze me every time. He does have a signature, but he is able to work with so many different techniques, which I think makes him absolutely stand out. Take a look at his website and see his wonderful work. And don't forget to watch the commercial he did (see below); the Big Bank Theory by Alex

Alex HD BIG BANK THEORY from Giuseppe du Crocq on Vimeo.

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