31 augustus 2011

I confess - the printers' tray

I hesitated to show you this because it seems so old fashioned. During the seventies old printers' drawers were used as decoration pieces. I had a replica back then too. Filled with small figurines and other stuff. When my neighbour Claire threw out these drawers I was walking past and decided to adopt them.
I use them to show off my wood block letters, small tin cans, stones and other vintage items. My children love it too! My daughter has a small one of her own. 

Oliver Jeffers - United airlines

Illustrations made for the United Airlines inflight magazine. They are all geographically accurate.
Check out Oliver Jeffers' website to discover all of his wonderful work.

30 augustus 2011

Zeeuws meisje

This is me, here at Turning pages, on two Twitter accounts, Pinterest and a few other social networks. I made this logo about 10 years ago. When I started blogging and tweeting I dusted off the logo and since then I've been using it as an alter ego. 
The logo is based upon a butter brand called Zeeuws meisje (see below). Zeeuws meisje is synonymous  with: a distinct accent, old fashioned, thrifty and folklore dresses. When I was 18, I left Zeeland to study and people around me started calling me Zeeuws Meisje.

In case you're wondering what I actually look like:

Some say I look like Mona Lisa...

28 augustus 2011

Job Parilux - Skin, white and organic

3 books, 3 themes: Job Parilux is a fine art paper and was shown in a these beautiful booklets.
The theme in 1997 was 'skin', in 1998 the theme was 'white' and in 1999 'organic'.
These beautiful productions were made by Dutch trend forecaster Li Edelkoort and her husband, Dutch designer Anthon Beeke. 

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