30 november 2010

Rice recipes (and desserts)

I always love vintage cookbooks. Forgotten recipes, ancient pictures and best of all, women in their role as 'good housewife'...

29 november 2010

Die Drehorgel

A German fairy tale book

Tom Schamp

Tom Schamp is a Belgian illustrator who's illustrations are aimed at both adults and children. His assignments come from an international mix of customers, including reknown children's books publishers, magazines, newspapers and various ad agencies. I came across his work when I bought these Djeco stickers.

26 november 2010

Birth announcements


It probably doesn't come as a surprise when I tell you that I collect the most beautiful and interesting birth announcement cards I receive. Especially the ones people design themselves. I have a few more which I'll show in a different post.

24 november 2010

Paper Plus...


I got this beautiful book by Antalis at the Papier Hier event last Saturday. It's a book about special printing effects, such as embossing, foil printing, lasercutting, silk-screen printing etc.

Mein Inspiration

I hardly ever blog about other blogs but I'd like to make an exeption for the blog mein inspiration by Elaine. Every blogpost is a wonderful find in the world of paper and paper artists. Objects, animations, product design, installations, instructional videos, books, jewelry. Everything paper and cardboard. Truly amazing finds!

This Is Where We Live from 4th Estate on Vimeo.

23 november 2010

Religious tokens

'Whatcha got' by Rogier Wieland

Rogier Wieland is a Dutch graphic and audiovisual designer and a true paper artist. He was one of the speakers at the Papier Hier event which I attended last Saturday. Unfortunately I didn't see his presentation. Visit his website for more awesome stopmotion animations. Don't forget to watch the making of the video 'Whatcha got'!

Whatcha got (music video) from Rogier Wieland on Vimeo.
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