30 december 2010

New doodles

Agenda Monique

The concept for this agenda is personality. A year in the life of Monique, an average woman in her working and personal environment. Her goal is to loose weight, a bit like in Bridget Jones' Diary. It almost feels like you know all about her through the 'personal' notes on each week spread. As if you're using her agenda. Of course, it's all fake!

Brendan Wenzel

Brendan Wenzel's work is amazing. His love for animals shows in his beautiful, funny, colourful and vibrant images. On his website and blog he shows his portfolio and tells us a little bit more about the animals he portraits. Have a look, his work is such a joy to look at!

Vintage items

I admit, the banknote might not be vintage. I don't know which country it's from and if the currency is still in use.

29 december 2010

Birth announcements

Totally different birth anouncements! The first one rather modest almost mysterious. The next three rather extravagant!
Amely is the daughter of an Nanienka, ex-colleague of mine at Eden (now: Edenspiekermann).
Lieve, Anne and Storm are Marc's children. Marc is an ex-colleague as well.

28 december 2010

Desk diaries

Two desk diaries designed by different design agencies for Spinhex & Industrie, a printer in Amsterdam. Each year a different theme, such as the different calendars (Gregorian, Jewish, Arabic and Chinese) or - totally different - fluorescent colors.
Both diaries are bound using a Japanese binding method and sophisticated microperforations.
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