26 mei 2013

Oracle for women

This collection of books is an ABC for women, I bought it at a flea market. Unfortunalely, one part is missing. It's an encyclopedia from the fifties, the pictures and illustrations are truly hilarious. I just love to browse through them and read the patronising text. 
Sunhil soap by Unilever published these books. An absolute must have for vintage lovers!

3 mei 2013

Two vintage games

The vintage version of well know sliding puzzle. I had a few of these small plastic puzzles. With a company logo or an illustration. I was never able to solve these unless the pieces were numbered. 
This game is from 1950 published by Jumbo. I love the small box and the beautiful typography on it.

This game was far from complete when I bought it. All the game pieces were missing! Don't know why I bought it at the time...
It's a game from 1973.

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