29 februari 2012

Vintage tin box - Babbelaars

These tin boxes are still for sale, new ones, filled with candy. They still look similar, a little newer though. This one is in rather poor condition but I couldn't help buying it, since Zeeland is the part of Holland I grew up.

27 februari 2012

Font design sketches

Designing a typeface is an enormous amount of work, which usually starts out by hand. I worked on a typeface in art college but have never gotten past the sketching stage. I'd love to show you my sketches one day, but I'm afraid they're lost in the attic.

I've done a quick Google search for hand sketches and here are the results. If you're interested in the proces of type design start reading I love typography, where I found most of these images.

Above: Gerard Unger

Andrij Shevchenko

Kunihiko Okano

Ludwig Übele

Seb Lester

Stefan Willenstorfer

Stefan Hattenbach

Jose Mendoza y Almeida

Kris Sowersby

26 februari 2012

Colourful circus dream

A book about the colourful and interesting history of the circus and circus acts. It was published by the Dutch Dairy Foundation in 1957. The images were trading cards.

19 februari 2012

For sale: My doodles in print

Have you ever checked out My absent mind? That's where I post my doodles, ink on paper drawings of patterns. I decided to make a selection of the ones I like the best and had them printed on high quality thick paper. I sell these prints, so do click on the link to check it out!

18 februari 2012


Around Christmas I received this beautiful book. It was a giveaway from Libertas, a printer we work with. The company celebrated their 30th anniversary. For that occasion they initiated to publish and produce this book. U30, a book about the creative industry in the 5th largest city in the Netherlands, Utrecht. The concept is developed by Enof. The design is by 30 different creatives from Utrecht. 

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