17 juli 2012

Squeaky toys

I have a small collection of these. About 15-20 squeaky toys. If I had more space I would be collecting them more enthusiastically. I guess it's a good thing I'm forced to keep it small ;-)

14 juli 2012

Coin puzzle

I thrifted this tin can at a flea market. It's a teaching aid to help kids learn to calculate money, more specific coins. Before the Euro the Dutch currency was the Dutch Guilder. The coins were 1 cent, 5 cents (stuiver), 10 cents (dubbeltje), 25 cents (kwartje), 1 guilder, and the rijksdaalder which was 2,5 guilders.
Now that my kids receive pocket money and learn to calculate I realise how difficult it is for them. 

11 juli 2012

The Netherlands in jigsaw

An educational jigsaw puzzle. 
This one is quite vintage 'cause the puzzle doesn't yet show the southern part of the Flevopolder yet. The eastern part was drained in 1955, the southern part in 1968.

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