31 januari 2011

I think you're so sweet


Today our Queen Beatrix turned 73. That doesn't mean that much to me, but it is a nice occasion to show you this lovely book.
This book is dedicated to her mother, Queen Juliana, for her Silver Jubilee in 1973. Children from the Netherlands, the Dutch Antilles and Suriname were asked to write the Queen a letter and draw her a picture.

Sam Pierpoint

Sam Pierpoint is a young artist, illustrator and designer by day and a techno dj by night from Birmingham.
By layering and a diverse range of papers, building her work in 3d and breaking away from the standard rule of illustrating on a page, Sam is able to bring her work to life. Her vast 3D landscapes depict scenes from mountain peaks and fairytale wonderland.

30 januari 2011

Photo domino

For a photography assignment at Art College I made this domino game. The theme I chose was the four elements. Each picture was part fire, water, earth or sky. I must say, looking back I'm most proud of the wooden box!

29 januari 2011

Birthday gift

Blom by Jurianne Matter definately is a perfect birthday gift! My neighbour Carlijn was certainly happy with it.

Conqueror treasure box

This beautiful little box contains a beautiful book with lots of inspiration for designers. Conqueror is a paper brand, so this book shows multiple ways Conqueror can be used. For instance, it shows how the paper is perfect for special printing effects, such as embossing, foil printing, lasercutting

28 januari 2011

Lewis' army

Most kids love collecting. Lucky for me, I have a son who loves collecting these Gogos. These small creatures are very reasonably priced so the perfect small gift. Lucky for him, I get obsessive over gorgeous items like these figurines. That's why he has quite a collection. I had to stop myself from buying more...

27 januari 2011

Little Jan dreams

I wasn't familiar with this game from 1966, but it looks really nice. The black and white illustrations on the cards are cute and the illustration on the box is beautiful!
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