28 augustus 2012

Vintage Jumbolino

It's been a while since I posted any vintage games. I found this Jumbolino at the local thriftshop. It's probably not as old as the Jumbolino I posted before. This one is from around 1983.

22 augustus 2012

Book of dogs

I thrifted this Book of Dogs a while ago. I'm quite thrilled about it. The cover is hideous but the photos and drawings inside are outstanding. They show different breeds and what they where used for. Hunting, retrieving, guarding, searching and rescuing, or simply as man's best friend. Truly heroic!

The Book of Dogs was published by The National Geographic Society in 1927

21 augustus 2012

Book of wonders

A wonderful book full of wonders (1978). Illustrated by Russian artists
W. Konasjéwitsj, W. Soetéjew, A. Kanjévski and J. Wasnetsów.

14 augustus 2012

London city trip

Last week we were on a city trip to London. We had a wonderful time; enjoying the sites, the warm and sunny weather, the olympics, the English hospitality and the great atmosphere! Here's our trip in pictures:

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