30 december 2009


When my niece got married they asked me to design the wedding announcement. I had lots of different ideas to show them. This is a selection of the designs I made for them. To yellow and blue one is the one they picked.

29 december 2009

28 december 2009

Pills and powders

These paper boxes look almost too beautiful to match their purpose. They're boxes to carry medicine in, pills and powders. So different from the paper bags the pharmacies use nowadays! I googled the pharmacist's name, but I got no results.

24 december 2009

Good old memory

During the wintertime we snuggle up and play a lot of games with the kids. One of their favourites is memory. I love these old drawings!

23 december 2009

Turning 75

Last year my father turned 75 and my mother wanted to surprise him with a party. I made the invitiations and used old postcards for the design. My father originates from Breskens, a small town with a fishing port. My father collects old postcards from that town so this design was truly inspired by him!

22 december 2009

Make a wish

About a year ago we visited the Musée du président Jacques Chirac in Sarran, France and I came across this piece of persistence. In Asia, it is commonly said that folding 1000 paper origami cranes makes a person's wish come true. An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury. The crane in Japan is one of the mystical or holy creatures and is said to live for a thousand years. The other picture I found on the internet, it shows how The Thousand Origami Cranes has become a symbol of world peace. Great isn't it?
My new year's resolution should be to fold a thousand of these birds...

By the way, the museum is worth a visit if you're ever in the neighbourhood.

21 december 2009

Naked dino

Every time I post a collage I'm inspired to get my scissors and glue and create some new ones! However, I need a lot of time and space to make that happen.

birth announcement

Birth announcements have come a long way! This one looks so formal, nowadays the cards are much more joyful.

19 december 2009

ho ho ho, merry xmas!

I'm always in doubt whether or not to make my own christmas-cards. I'm never really inspired but I decided to make a design anyway.

16 december 2009


This little guy is very fragile. I bought him at a yardsale in Los Angeles. Together we flew all the way to the Netherlands. Mind you, he was armless when I found him!
I think he used to be part of a footballteam, a table footballteam.

Learning Turkish?

While going through my small vintage graphic design collection I stumbled upon this cirkle. I had forgotten all about it. It looks so well thought out! I don't know how old it is but it looks pretty ancient. I think it children use this in school to learn words. Maybe somebody knows what it is? Enlighten me!


Since last week I own an iPhone and I love my latest asset! So do the kids... This is the first drawing I made with the TypeDrawing app.

15 december 2009

Flip de Beer

Once a year we have a houseguest who sleeps over for one or two nights. He is called Flip de Beer and the pre-school children are supposed to take care of him. The parents are expected to make a report of this special occasion.

14 december 2009

A day at the beach

I love this old postcard, greetings from Zandvoort. The postmark date says 13th of August 1929. Those were probably the early days of recreation!

12 december 2009

On my desk

I have created a witches circle on my desk at work. Thanks to Albert Heijn and of course thanks to my colleagues!


I'm not the world's best 3-dimensional designer, nor the most creative, but I sometimes attempt to make something for my kids. I made this one for Lewis just before he was born.

11 december 2009

Mila's friends

Of course Mila is a friendcollector as well. I made her a friendbook last year. She started in a new class, with new kids so she 'needed' a new book. It's great to see how enthousiastic the children react!

9 december 2009

European cheesegirls

This is a great example of early information design. The arrows show how to fold the 'girls'. The girls are part of a collection.
I bought these at a Waterlooplein-fleamarket in Amsterdam. It's always great to discover little gems like these.

6 december 2009

Greetings from...

Can't remember where and when I bought this one. I love it! It shows how the children used to dress in the region where I was brought up.

5 december 2009

Doodling away

Tonight was 'pakjesavond' in the Netherlands. Sinterklaas has left! He's sailing back home. 'Till next year!

Best design ever

My most favourite design ever is the London Underground map.
I bought this one in a small antiqueshop in St. Ives (Cornwall, UK). This map dates back to 1972, almost as old as I am...
Although the map is updated yearly the design is unbeatable! (the map below is the most recent one, which I downloaded off the website transport for London).

3 december 2009

Poor Pepper

Pepper gets dressed up a lot. She hates it but she's always noble enough to let us take the pictures. Immediately afterwards she shakes everything off. However, she's always quite taken with the necklace 'cause that's the only item she leaves on. A real lady knows her accessories.

Ugly but cute

One of my first illustrations I did with a collage. I'm not a very good illustrator so by using the collage-technique I can still make quite nice pictures. I never use Photoshop for my collages, I do them with scissors and glue.

2 december 2009

two-headed duck

I've used this collage in my birthdaycalender. It's quite small in the layout so I decided to show it in a post. I'll show the birthdaycalender another time. I'll have to photograph it first.


Yvette and I made this children's book for grown-ups for a colleague of ours at Eden.

1 december 2009

showing persistence at art college

This poster was part of an assignment I did at Art College (St. Joost in Breda). The poster is about 70 x 100 cm and painted by hand. Imagine the persistence I had back then!

Lewis' friends

New kid on the block needs a book to collect his friends, right?! So I designed this book for Lewis, he's very prood to have his own book. He's a very enthousiastic 'friend-collector'!
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