28 februari 2011

Fabeltjeskrant - Post #700


De Fabeltjeskrant was my favorite tv-show when I was a kid, so I thought this book would be nice to share in my 700th blogpost.
De Fabeltjeskrant ('The Fables Newspaper') was a Dutch children's television series featuring puppetry and stop motion. It started in 1968 (my birthyear) and ended in 1989.

26 februari 2011

Mixing media

Just trying out some ideas; old fashioned handwork (watercolors and ink) mixed in Photoshop

Drawing stories

My daughter (8) loves to draw. She's not particularly good at it but it helps her relax. Before school starts she and her classmates can use this sketch book, 'rommelschriftje' to draw or doodle in. It's always great to hear the stories she creates in these drawings. Animals and girls are her favourite.

25 februari 2011

Noëlle Smit

Noëlle Smit is a Dutch children's book illustrator. This book is about an ostrich who wants to run all day long. It was published especcially for the Read Aloud Days in the Netherlands.

On Noëlles website you'll see more of her wonderful work and other books she illustrated. She has a blogspot too!

24 februari 2011

23 februari 2011

Alexandra Roozen

Alexandra Roozen passed her exams cum laude at Fine Arts Academy St. Joost in Breda in the same year as I did. I remember her as being an intelligent, serious and above all, dedicated student. Looking at her current work, you can still see this dedication. 
Alexandra controls several techniques, but the last years she focuses on drawings. It looks like she uses simple materials: pencil and paper but when you look at her technique closely, you can see the numerous dash repetitions that are done in a unusual way:
In an electrical drill she places a pencil so another frequency and rhythm is added to her drawing. Or she puts her drawings into a shredder and replaces the equal fragments to a new work.

Typodarium 2011

365 days of type inspiration. Typodarium is a tear-away daily calendar featuring a new font every day. The date - traditional and functional - is on the front page while the reverse contains background information, details, designers, and sources. Can be bought here.
Of course, the Typodarium 2012 is already in progress...

22 februari 2011

The plumber's handbook


This was my grandfather's book, I photographed it at my parent's house. The book is from 1933. I love the old ads in it.

Booksculptures - Su Blackwell


Su Blackwell is an artist and art director, working predominantly within the realm of paper.
She often works within the realm of fairy-tales and folklore. She made a series of book-sculpture, cutting-out images from old books to create three-dimensional diorama’s, and displaying them inside wooden boxes.
Don't forget to check out her commercial projects as well! 
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