31 augustus 2010

Betty Pepper

I came across Betty Pepper's website and was smittened with her work immediately. She is a textile/jewellery designer.
I quote her website:
In her effort to find that elusive something which makes an object desirable and somewhat 'magical' she explores different media and techniques in both two and three-dimensions. Her work is inspired by stories, memories, things from the past, over-hearings and misgivings.
A strand of humour runs through Betty's work using word games, hidden messages and secrets. The work features 'grown-up' interests, but they are treated with a child-like attitude.
Fabrics, the way they fade, carry scents and act as memory aids fascinate Betty. The recycling of old garments and fabric has become an important part of her work. The jewellery she creates uses this ageing fabric that seems to have tales of its own to tell, traces of perfume, old buttons and thread. Imagine the stories such inanimate objects would tell could they speak.

A new world

30 augustus 2010

The bible in images

My parents used to take me to church and Sunday school, but I'm afraid it didn't help much. I'm not a religious person. But I can appreciate this bible for children, because of the beautiful narrative illustrations. Maybe you recognise some of the bible stories?

28 augustus 2010

Draw and fold over

We probably all did this during our childhood: Someone draws a head, folds over the paper, another one draws the body, folds over again and the third one draws the legs. Result: weird creatures! Always a lot of fun, so I was really happy when a twitterfriend tweeted me this website. Browse the fantastic gallery or start a new drawing and send it on!
Thanks @VonTips for inspiring me and for sending me this link!

Newest doodle

27 augustus 2010

Agenda design

Again an agenda from my collection. Concept and design by Una designers in Amsterdam. At first glance, the agenda shows hardly any typography; no dates, or week numbers. But there is a 'hidden agenda' in the spreads, on the other side of the coloured pages.

25 augustus 2010

Cinderella pops up

I just love pop up books, and the other day I was fortunate enough to find one by Czech arcitect and artist Vojtech Kubasta. This one is from the late sixties. His pop ups are truly amazing!
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