30 april 2010

Holiday in Germont

Next week we'll be staying in this beautiful house in the Champagne Ardennes in the North of France. That means that I'll be blogging a bit less than usual. However, the laptop is coming along so I'll keep you all posted from time to time. Hopefully the weather will be dry or even a bit sunny, so I can share a few nice pictures!

Jigsaw puzzles

Happy Queensday!

Today the Dutch celebrate Queensday, so orange is the colour of the day. At Queensday we celebrate Queen Beatrix' birthday. Her actual birthday is in January, but who cares! It's a day off for everyone, exept for the Queen, she has to visit the festivities in one or two villages. In lots of towns people sell their stuff on the street, so fleamarkets all over!

Queen Beatrix is a House of Orange descendant which means that the whole country is coloured orange.
These royalty-loving pins are from the early sixties, I photographed them over at my parents house.

27 april 2010


Lots and lots of people used to collect these pins in the sixties and seventies. My parents did too. They threw out a lot of them but kept the one they liked or had memories of. At flea markets it's quite easy to find a whole bunch of these. I must admit, I always hestitate when I go past them, but I never buy them. Eventhough they look very collectible.

Tiels Flipje

These books were definately a part of my childhood. My mother collected these for us and she used to read them to me. I could 'flip' through them for hours! Flipje is a character designed for the manufacturer of jams (de Betuwe) in the Dutch city of Tiel. In the last pictures you can see how Flip was born in the story.

With her animal poetry

Aren't these lovely? These cute paper puppets are made by Hong Kong designer Furze Chan. They are or for sale at Shak-Shuka. (via LMNOP blog)

26 april 2010

Wolle Klaver

I bought this book at an antiquarian bookshop, I had never seen it before. It is filled with collecting cards. This book is written and drawn by Marten Toonder Studio's. Marten Toonder was a Dutch comic artist who was well known for his Tom Puss and Oliver B. Bumble series. His work has had a great influence by introducing new words and expressions into the Dutch language. the Tom Puss and Oliver B. Bumble series appeared in a Dutch newspaper from 1941-1986. It started out as a children's cartoon, but gradually became more relevant to adults. Nowadays his texts are sometimes considered literature and Marten Toonder received several literary prizes for them. (source: Wikipedia)


Great find in my favourite shop!
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