31 maart 2010

Won't you save me


Pocket edition from 1956.

Romeo by Alain Grée

A wonderful book by Alain Grée, about a dog called Romeo. I found this book online, I'll post another one soon which I found a few weeks ago. Great sixties feeling!

From Brooklyn to Belfast and back

This project is called Look at Book. For 36 weeks a sketchbook was sent in random order between four artists; two in Brooklyn and two in Belfast. Each artist was given five days to complete a spread in response to the one that preceded it. A small portion of each entry extends on to the following page. There was no communication between the artists concerning the content of the book, during its making.
I always get so inspired by looking at these kind of projects, I absolutely love this idea.

So I call upon you all: is anyone interested in adopting this idea and create a project similar to this one? (mixed-media, international etc. etc.). Send me an e-mail or leave a comment if your interested. Please blog or tweet it forward!

30 maart 2010

Vintage memory

I've posted the cards before. Thought I'd show the box too...

Christmas in 1949

This is the 1949 Christmas issue of the Drukkersweekblad (printer's magazine, published by the Dutch printers' organisation). The aim of these special Christmas issues was to show a yearly survey of the technical and aesthetic standards and of the progressive development in printing tchniques.
The cover was designed by Dick Elffers.

Mila's doodle

I doodle a lot when I wait for my computer to finish uploading. My daughter joined in this time and made this doodle in a few minutes time. Great how children have a story with each drawing they make.

Lisa Kokin

Take a look at Lisa Kokin’s work: mixed media installation, artist’s books, assemblage and sculpture.

29 maart 2010

C is Charlotte

A few pages from the book I posted earlier today.

A is een aapje

This book was read to me when I was growing up. I thought this children's rhyme written for this publication, so I thought this book was the original with the illustrations by Rie Cramer (from 1949 or so). But when I googled I came across a much older version of the rhyme and illustrations here. The rhyme turns out to be more than 170 years old!

28 maart 2010

Oranges are not the only fruit

For my 200th post I thought I'd give you something cheerful. Something colourful and from our every day life.
At least, when you eat your fruit every day... These are wrapping papers for oranges and tangerines.

Pieces of nature

Count to fourty

Thrifting isn't what it used to be; people at flea markets and thriftshop owners know what they are selling and a bargain is quite hard to find. But some people still manage to find hidden treasures and pay close to nothing for them. I'm not like that, unfortunately. But last week I bought this lovely set and it was a bargain! A wooden box with wooden numbers in it. The numbers go from 1 to 40. I don't know whether it was a game or a teaching aid. The shop owner wasn't able to tell either. Does anyone know what the numbers were for?

27 maart 2010

Ferry 'cross the Schelde

Back in Art College I once had a photography assignment with the theme: 100 by 100, 10 by 10 and 1 by 1 metres. I had to determine nd go to a place which held a lot of memories for me. I explored studied and photograph this place and showed my memories in the pictures.
I choose the old ferry which sailed between Breskens and Vlissingen in the South of Holland (Zeeland). This particular place held a lot of memories for me, but the most important ones were a feeling of vacation, summer and freedom. Hence the last picture. This particular ferry is no longer in use, at least not in Zeeland.

Mix and match it once again

Oh, how I love these mix and match books! I bought this one in the USA a few years ago, it's illustrated by Carin Berger and published by Chronicle Books. Her illustrations are great collages made with scraps of ephemera, used clothing catalogues, and old ticket stubs. Basically, any odds and ends that she can find.
Carin Berger has a blog as well, you can see it here.
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