30 maart 2012

Frits' holiday

My father gave me this book to blog about. It's a very old children's book which used to belong to his eldest brother. I guess the book is about 70 years old. I love the cover!

27 maart 2012

Found letters

Letter D

Letter E

Letter H

Letter O

Letter Q

Letter S

Letter T

Letter U

Letter V

Letter X

Letter Y

Letter Z

20 maart 2012

Blogger for Sargasso

I have not been a very frequent blogger here lately. For several reasons actually:
- I've been extremely busy at work
- I've been drawing a lot
- I'm a guest blogger at Sargasso.nl, a Dutch blog about science, politics and culture.

Dutch readers can read my contributions:

A post about Coincidence

A post about Repetition

A post about Collecting

A post about Paper art
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