Berichten weergeven met het label announcement. Alle berichten weergeven
Berichten weergeven met het label announcement. Alle berichten weergeven

29 december 2010

Birth announcements

Totally different birth anouncements! The first one rather modest almost mysterious. The next three rather extravagant!
Amely is the daughter of an Nanienka, ex-colleague of mine at Eden (now: Edenspiekermann).
Lieve, Anne and Storm are Marc's children. Marc is an ex-colleague as well.

26 november 2010

Birth announcements


It probably doesn't come as a surprise when I tell you that I collect the most beautiful and interesting birth announcement cards I receive. Especially the ones people design themselves. I have a few more which I'll show in a different post.

15 januari 2010

Love and marriage

This wedding invitation is the first one I made, ever. I still like the idea of the transparant paper and the building ornaments but I would definitely change the typography now.

11 januari 2010

Dress-up baby

This is Mila's birth announcement which I designed more than 7 years ago. Corné took her picture the morning after she was born. She looks so fragile! Unfortunately I deleted the digital version, so all I'm left with are the printed cards. Nowadays it feels like something is missing when the digital version no longer excists. Times have changed!

8 januari 2010

Size doesn't matter

All of the cards above a quite small. The two together are the birth announcements of both my brothers (dating back to '61 and '62). The other one is probably a bit older. It was my grandfather's business card. He was a police-inspector.

7 januari 2010

Magenta again

Corné took a great picture of Mila when she turned 4. I used it to make the invitations. Magenta is a colour I really like to use...

30 december 2009


When my niece got married they asked me to design the wedding announcement. I had lots of different ideas to show them. This is a selection of the designs I made for them. To yellow and blue one is the one they picked.

29 december 2009

15 december 2009

Flip de Beer

Once a year we have a houseguest who sleeps over for one or two nights. He is called Flip de Beer and the pre-school children are supposed to take care of him. The parents are expected to make a report of this special occasion.

27 november 2009

4 years ago

Lewis was born on 13th of August, 4 years ago. I designed this birth announcement and used a collage which I had made a few years before.
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