30 juni 2010

Encyclopedic fish

In the encyclopedia were a few coloured pages, for instance all the maps, and of course, these beauties.

A little golden book; Prayers for children

A great find! An original little golden book with the cutest drawings.

Mike Stilkey

Artist Mike Stilkey (Los Angeles) uses book covers and book spines as his canvas. He paints his cast of characters on stacks of books using a mix of ink, colored pencil, paint and lacque.

29 juni 2010

Giuseppe Penone

About a week ago I visited a favorite museum of mine De Pont in Tilburg. They had an exhibition of Giuseppe Penone, an Italian artist. Penone is the younger member of the Italian movement named 'Arte Povera' (poor art). Penone's work is concerned with establishing a contact between man and nature. The exhibition was quite big but only showed a small part of his beautiful and interesting work. The 'paintings' above look like the pattern on a handpalm from far off. But getting closer you see the big canvas is filled with thousands of Acacia thorns. Very impressive.

28 juni 2010

Encyclopedic dogs

Our family tree

Last weekend we celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary. I made them a gift full of memories: a family tree with pictures of all the children and grandchildren. Even the cat and 3 dogs were part of the tree.
I designed the tree in Adobe Indesign and used my own handdrawn textures in the background. I had it printed on canvas. It was my first canvas print, so I was a bit nervous. But I was very pleased with the result. So were my parents...

27 juni 2010


I bought these lovely bookmarks the other day. I was very happy with this simple but great find!

Discovering the reds

First year in Art College, experimenting with colours and material. My favourite colours, shades of red.

25 juni 2010


I bought this book online a few months ago. It wasn't really what I expected. It's not really my favorite illustration style, but still, it's worth a post!

Graduating college

In 1995 (yes, last century...) I graduated from the AKV | St. Joost Academy and became officially a graphic designer. In my final year I studied clichés in spoken language. First of all I started collecting them, from books, from conversation, from listening actually. Then, I used these chlichés to write 15 dialogues in typical chliché circumstances (small talk, fights, gossip, condolence etc). I made 15 typographic studies in which I symbolised the circumstance and the personalities. I printed it in PMS-colours in the school's printshop in a small edition of 100 copies. I handmade 100 boxes to keep the lot together. A lot of work! But worth it, I graduated with honours.

24 juni 2010

A stack of l'illustration

Like a lot of people I have a stack of these French newspapers. I can never get myself to 'throwing' them out. I just love the adverts, maybe I can use them sometime in a design.
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