29 november 2011

Post #999 - Giveaway!

After over two years of blogging I've reached my 999th post! Yay!

So I think it's about time I share some goodies with you. I've put a lot of thought into what I should give away. I've decided upon these items:

A Dutch memory game, vintage of course

Collected doodles, an A4 print. My own work (see my other blog)

Djeco stickers by Benjamin Chaud

Doodle, A4 print, my own work (see my other blog)

Birthday calender, the months are in Dutch... my own work

If you would like a chance to win one of these items:

1)  Leave me a comment below, telling me which item you would like to win (make sure to leave me an email address). 
I'd love you even more if you'd start following this blog or my other blog officially ;-))

2)  Spread the news via twitter, facebook or any other means and you will get two chances to win (let me know if you do).

This giveaway runs until Wednesday 13th of December at 8 pm, CET
I will draw the winners randomly and try and announce the outcome the same evening. Needless to say, 5 items, so 5 people can win!

Good luck!

28 november 2011

Post #998 - Information design

I love information design, especially where you wouldn't expect it. 
This is a cooking 'compas' which tells you how long to cooks fruit, vegetables and meat

These two tables are instructions for photographing: using the flash, chosing the right film etc.

Please note: Tomorrow I'll be posting my 999th post! Check back in if you're interested in a give away.

27 november 2011

Post #997 - Tin cans

The latest additions to my tin can family! I've already shown them a a collection once here.

Don't forget to check in the upcoming days. I'll be posting my 999th post and I'll be hosting a give away!

25 november 2011

Post #996 - Creative hobby books


A series of books for practising a creative hobby. Quite vintage!

By the way... don't forget the give away, only 3 more posts to go!

24 november 2011

Post #995 - Mila and her friends

Our daugther Mila turned 9 a few weeks ago. For this occasion she and 6 of her friends did a workshop 'animation'. Writing a story, moulding clay characters, filming. Quite difficult for 8-year olds... but a lot of fun. 

Here are the results!

Don't forget, I'll be giving away stuff when I do my 999th post! Check in again the upcoming days.

23 november 2011

Post #994 - Counting down

I'm reaching my 1000th post! Which basically means that I have something to celebrate. And a celebration means a give away! So, spread the word, tweet or blog it forward, I'll be giving away stuff when I have my 999th post. One of next few days I'll tell you what you can win. Be sure to drop in.

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