31 oktober 2010

Encyclopedic human body

Graduation Show 2010 Design Academy #2

Jung You Choi graduated from the design department ' Man and well being'
She designed the Cloud Stool, a stool like a cloud, soft, fluffy and airy. Jung You Choi is fascinated by the irregular shapes and colours of the clouds; the way they float by seperately, as little white fluffs in the sky, or the way they can suddenly gather darkly. The Cloud Stool allows you to sink into a cloud. Each seat is unique; the shapes and hues vary as they would in real clouds.

Ellis Droog graduated from the design department 'Man and well being'.
She designed Mosquito Wig. a hairy object to both move around in and hide under: a mosquito net. She has always been fascinated with (long) hair. Its separate fibres gathering to form a unity, its movement, its expressiveness, and the save have it can offer: you can hide behind it. 'People are vulnerable when they sleep, so I wanted to make something that would cover the bed.

30 oktober 2010

29 oktober 2010

Graduation show 2010 Design Academy #1

During the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven I attended the Graduation Show 2010. Graduation works of both the Bachelor and the Masterstudents who graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. I'll post a few projects I liked.

Eveline Visser graduated from the design department 'Man and public space'.
She designed Bird City, a city for a mixed bird community. 33 nesting boxes, catering for the housing needs of 33 different species of birds, to form a breeding ground for the winged inhabitants of the city. The design requires a delicate touch: the blue tit wants an opening with a 28 millimetre diameter; the great tit wants 32 millimetres, and the tawny owl will not enter below 80. While one type of bird wants a squat and wide little house, another may prefer a tall and narrow one. Bird City offers something for everyone!

Atlas of typeforms

I rescued this big atlas from the garbage at the office!

26 oktober 2010


Some handmade sketches I did for an assignment in Art College. A logo for a fictional art magazine 'Blind'.

25 oktober 2010

Ana Somnia

Sometimes people post me the best links, such as the Ana Somnia website by Kim Köster:
A whole world waits for you when you turn out the lights. Our imagination works wonders when no one is watching. In our dreams lie childish figures, random shapes and half remembered memories. Ana Somnia is a generative art project that emulates how we dream, combining animation, soundscapes and code. Illustrations merge in manifold permutations, seemingly the same, yet different each time. Switch off your lights to enter Ana’s dreamworld.
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