29 juni 2012

Vintage sewing material

I just love vintage sewing material, too bad it's rather expensive at flea markets... The needle book, for instance was 8 euros. In perfect condition though. The vendor had lots more fantastic ones, I might go back to purchase one or two to start a small collection.

The labels are always a pleasure to look at, the typography and the illustrations are great!

28 juni 2012

Nick White

I came across Nick White's gorgeous website, please have a look. Not only his website is worth a good long stroll, his work is great as well. The website has a lot of funny teasers and small 'corners' to hang out for a while. 
His work is fun, it's witty and shows an interesting mix of techniques and media. Lots of collage, a technique I love very much. Don't forget to have a look at the video Nick made about himself Nick Dynamite.

 via Anne Lichthart on Pinterest

23 juni 2012

Buddy Tucker meets Alice in Wonderland

Most of the vintage children's books I have are in Dutch. But sometimes I come across a vintage book in the original language. That's what I like most. This is one of them. Quite old as well, so double fun!
This book is part of a series of 10 children's books.


18 juni 2012

My first writing lesson

A vintage box for young kids to help them learn to write. Someone must have had fun with it, eventhough this is not exactly the handwriting they learn at school. Too bad the box isn't complete.

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