30 oktober 2011

I MAS there - Antwerp

Yesterday I finally visited the MAS, Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp (Belgium) with my friend Yvette. A few months ago I had been near the building but I didn't have time to go inside. Now I did! And it was worth every minute! 

The MAS website states: 'The MAS is more than a museum. It is a new city centre; a new meeting place where there is always something to do or see. The MAS recounts the story of a relationship between Antwerp and the world that has lasted for five centuries, which is still ongoing. The museum allows contemporary artists to continue writing the story.'

In addition to being a museum, the MAS is also an extraordinary building on an extraordinary spot in an extraordinary location. The MAS is designed as a giant storehouse with stacked containers or “boxes”. These museum boxes are stacked in such a way that they create a spiral tower. As you ascend, you get a constantly changing view of the city. With A breathtaking 360° panorama on the roof.

The MAS is chosen as one of the worlds most beautiful muesuems by the American magazine Travel + Leisure. The Dutch architects Neutelings and Riedijk designed this amazing building and Antwerp's B-architecten did the interiors of the museum rooms.

27 oktober 2011

Tin collection

My small collection of small tins

Kaeko Shabana - By hand

Kaeko Shabana is an emerging photographer and artist.

She was born in Japan and moved to New York to obtain her BFA in Photography at Parsons The New School for Design. For her work, she mostly utilizes analogue tools. She enjoys shooting with films and printing in the traditional darkroom. Currently she resides & works in Japan.
This is a collage project I found on Dripbook

25 oktober 2011


This game is from 1958 and by the looks of it didn't survive the test of time. It's in poor condition and not even complete. But I like the typographic cards, the board, the spinning wheel and of course the game pieces!
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