27 april 2012

Block puzzle from Russia

I bought this Russian block puzzle. The box is in very poor condition so I didn't photograph it. Too bad though, the design was pretty nice!

23 april 2012

Nicholas Thomas gets into trouble

A lovely children's book about a kitten called Nicholas Thomas. Once again, I'm not familiar with this book or with this character. Anyone? 

22 april 2012

What Jane Housham gave away

A few weeks ago Jane Housham organized a fantastic giveaway on her blog. I joined in and was one of the lucky winners! I had won Cactus Candy and some of Jane's handmade cards. So, I send her my details and much to my surprise a rather big box was delivered to me last Thursday. When my daughter and I started unwrapping we discovered the most fantastic giveaway! Jane did not only send me the candy but gave me a ready made collection of tin boxes!! I was amazed, I was thrilled, I was overwhelmed, I was astonished and, to be frank, I was a bit embarrassed... So I mailed her to thank her and to ask if there was anything I could make her happy with. This is what she replied:

'Oh goody! I'm glad the box arrived safely. Please don't be embarrassed! The giveaway was just the cards and the weird candy. But I had those little tins and I knew you would like them more than I do. I have so much accumulated stuff and it just occurred to me that you would enjoy opening up some little packages. I honestly don't want anything in return -- seriously. It's just a case of, I don't know, 'pay it forward' -- the same way I always let people out in traffic and smile at old ladies in the street! I'm really glad you liked it.'

Isn't she the best?? A big cheer for Jane!! Thanks again Jane! I've given the tin cans a spot in my printer's tray.

some of these tin boxes are already favorites of mine.

Great card design, absolutely love them!

The card which accompanied the package. And you're absolutely right, Jane, my house is rather chaotic. I'm often embarrassed when people drop by unannounced... I'll make a few pics and turn it into a post someday soon. 

Thanks again, Ellen X

15 april 2012

Vintage stuff and Buzz Lightyear

This morning we headed down to the local flea market. This market is once every two moths in our home town and... I'm afraid to admit it... It was my first visit...
This visit made up for lost time 'cause we thrifted a lot of great stuff! I'll show some more items in another post.

A new asset to my squeaky toy collection. 

A talking Buzz Lightyear

A rather aggressive looking gorilla

a mini doll

This vintage stuffed animal needed a new home. It might be Steiff Fox Terrier, but this one is so torn and damaged that I cannot be sure.

The market was in the town's sport facilities, even the climbing wall is not save for the sellers.

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