21 maart 2013

Emily Barletta

Emily Barletta's (recent) work is amazing. It reflects what I love; repetition and stitching. Especially the way she uses colour in her work is very inspiring to me.

Garage Gallery:
'Barletta’s repetitive gestures, marks, and shape building techniques accumulate and combine in mass to create larger works. Each object she makes is to be viewed as a physical container instilled with the memories and experiences that occurred while it was being made. Through her art she builds imaginary machines that organically grow to reference patternmaking, weaving, flesh, blood, cells, plants, topography, molds, and diseases.'

I once set myself to do a stitching project as well (absolutely no comparison!). I loved doing it, but it was extremely more time consuming than I thought when I started out. So I can only imagine how much work Emily Barletta puts into each piece.

Emily has a blog as well.


10 maart 2013

The locomotive and other stories - Godfried Bomans

I bought this lovely book at a flea market at a church. I bought it by judging the cover. At home I realised just how wonderfully illustrated it is. Especially the last story about the fish (please scroll down!). The stories are written by Godfried Bomans, a well known Dutch writer, the illustrations are by C. van Velsen. The book is from 1954. 


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