5 december 2010

Graduation Show 2010 Design Academy #6

Michelle Baggerman graduated from the design department 'Man and leisure'
Precious Waste is a new strong material from poor quality plastic bags. Michelle has succeeded in processing her used plastic bags wihout heating or added chemicals. She has turned them into durable but fine threads with which she has weaved a new fabric. The woven product is much stronger than the original, which will considerably increase the lifespan of this material that takes so long to decompose.

Wilco Spruijt graduated from the design department 'Man and leisure'
Table Tones is a table and a musical instrument in one. It offers an accessible way to make music and to communicate together at the table. By turning the boxes upside down you change the table surface from a flat colourful tabletop to a landscape of wood. From table to musical instrument. The basis for this table is a musical instrument called the tonguedrum, which is in essence one of the first instruments man used for communicating with one another.

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