2 augustus 2010

Pinocchio Country

Back home! I've been in Italy for last two weeks, at the Lago Maggiore to be precise. We had a great time in a beautiful region! Lost of Pizza, Pasta and Pinocchio! He was - how could I forget - born in Italy, so we ran into him a lot of times!

Unfortunately I did not come home with a lot of material or inspiration for my blog. I guess I was truly on holiday...
I'll post a few pictures later on though. And will show some items I bought in Gent, Belgium.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk om te zien, Ik herken hem, heb ook Bambi Sneeuwitje en Peter Pan uit dezelfde serie. Heeft m'n oma nog bij elkaar gespaard.

  2. Leuk dat je oma die spaarde! Heb je ze helemaal compleet? Deze is namelijk niet compleet.


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