28 februari 2011

Fabeltjeskrant - Post #700


De Fabeltjeskrant was my favorite tv-show when I was a kid, so I thought this book would be nice to share in my 700th blogpost.
De Fabeltjeskrant ('The Fables Newspaper') was a Dutch children's television series featuring puppetry and stop motion. It started in 1968 (my birthyear) and ended in 1989.

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  1. Sheik Hassam Abdool Rassool6 december 2011 om 15:29

    Hello,thanks for the sweet images.They remind me of my childhood too although I don't recall this tv-show was broadcasted on our local tv.(we had only one tv-chanel these days in Mauritius).However I used to buy trading cards with images from the show.These were made by Monty and sold with a bubble-gum;I still have them and would just love to complete the set.At the back of the cards a color image of Ed and Willem Bever(characters of the show)is displayed in a puzzle format.


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