9 maart 2011


Ti-Ta-Tovenaar was a Dutch tv-show from the seventies. I was a big fan! It was a show for children about a girl Tika and her father who is a magician.

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  1. Because I'm, from 1970, I can barely remember anything from the series even though I loved it as a child. The most I remember from Tita Tovenaar though is the collector's "Het Grobbekuiken" where you could paste in the pictures yourself.

    The pictures were probably given out at the supermarket when buying groceries just like the AH still does today.

    I was probably heavily influenced by the image of the wizard's lovely daughter. She was supposed to be playing his 16-year old daughter when in fact the actress was already 26. And she married "Granddad" from the series. But he was only 7 years her senior.

    Fond memories.


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