31 augustus 2011

I confess - the printers' tray

I hesitated to show you this because it seems so old fashioned. During the seventies old printers' drawers were used as decoration pieces. I had a replica back then too. Filled with small figurines and other stuff. When my neighbour Claire threw out these drawers I was walking past and decided to adopt them.
I use them to show off my wood block letters, small tin cans, stones and other vintage items. My children love it too! My daughter has a small one of her own. 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. wat een prachtige verzameling! en kan me goed voorstellen dat je dochter het super vind, voor kinderen is dit echt een grote schatkist! ( ik had vroeger ook zo een eentje, vol met kiezelsteentjes en een verdwaalde kabouter David en Lisa beeldje haha)

  2. I LOVE them! Back in the seventies we all had. Als with small glass figurines. I would love to have one now.

  3. Never be ashamed of these. You can't get anything better for displaying very small things. I have one too (only a small one) -- will do a photo of it soon. I love seeing your collected things.

  4. Thanks everyone, for ensuring me that I don't have to been ashamed of this ;-))


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