5 november 2011

Steve McPherson

Sometimes I can get really jealous of all the wonderful, creative, inspiring, quirky, one of a kind projects I come across. 'Marine Plastics' by British artist, lecturer, collector, cartographer and diarist Steve McPherson is such a project. The collector-part is - of course - one of the reasons I adore his work. Absolutely stunning!

'For over 15 years I have been collecting objects from beaches of the North Kent Coast of the UK. Wave worn, sun bleached and scarred with unknown histories, these finds are collected and collated by type or colour. An assistant edits this process due to colour blindness causing me to mix and mis-match the object colour incorrectly.' 


3 opmerkingen:

  1. I love his work too, and really enjoyed meeting him and seeing his work in person recently.

  2. Wow Hazel! What a great opportunity you had! He must be an inspiring person! Thanks for sharing this with me

  3. I've seen this before (that happens so rarely with your finds!) and the first time I saw it, I too was blown away, but now I just feel intense jealousy that he has found so much marvellous stuff to use in his art. Hats off to him for what must be hours and hours and hours trawling for materials.


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