14 december 2011

999th post giveaway - the results

First of all I want to thank everyone who commented on my post. It was so wonderful to see multiple retweets and even a few mentions on blogs and websites. Heartwarming! 
I must admit I was a bit scared only a few people would leave a comment. I'm so happy to realise more than a few did so!

Finally, the results. I gave everyone a number, depending on the gift they were aiming for. I used the random generator to pick a number in each category:

7 entries for the Djeco stickers and Hiskia won! Congrats!

7 entries for the vintage memory game as well, Maike won! Congrats!

15 entries for the collected doodle print. Aukje won, congrats!

And finally, the black and white doodle was the most popular one. (Which I actually didn't expect)
20 entries and Judy won!

I know all of you through Twitter, so I'll send you a message and ask for your addresses.

Thanks again, everyone, for joining in and spreading the news, hope you enjoy the next 999 posts. Hope to see you back here at Turning Pages or at My absent mind once in a while! 

PS: unfortunately nobody entered the competition for the birthday calender so I'll save that one for another time.

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