28 januari 2012

Yeondoo Jung - Wonderland

The other day we received a mailing from a paper supplier at the office. It showed Wonderland project by Korean artist Yeondoo Jung. I was very taken by the idea to use the framework of children’s drawings. In this series, the artist takes a literal approach in translating information between actual children’s drawings and staged photographs. Space and distance are distorted as the artist’s photographs offer a mix of reality and fantasy in the interpretation of a child’s view of the world.

The photos are very colourful and vibrant. Such a simple, yet wonderful idea!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I know of these and love them, but I haven't been back to check this artist for a while and you have shown me some new works. Thank you they make me smile.

  2. Wat een geweldig project! En wat moet dat ook gaaf zijn voor die kinderen die de tekening hebben gemaakt, om dat zo tot leven te zien komen. Super!


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