15 mei 2012

Agustina Woodgate

I came across the above picture in a magazine by Agustina Woodgate. I was very taken with the idea of making rugs from recycled stuffed animal skins. 

The bio on her website:
'Agustina Woodgate aims to create art that fosters exchanges between people rather than encounters between a viewer and object. Through these exchanges, meaning is elaborated collectively, rather than in the space of individual consumption.
Often responding to a place or situation, Woodgate makes objects, site-specific and context-based installations, performance, and collaborative event-based projects that focus on the interplay between human beings and their surrounding environment at both macro and micro levels. Site specificity is usually the point of departure for her creative process, involving research into a place and everyday relations. Her works explore and engage with multilayered surfaces and workings of the built environment and navigates the intangible and transient layers of physical and psychological space.
Combining many disciplines she pursues ongoing collaborations with creatives from various background. Agustina works inclusively and socially, finding new access points for communication to create public, intensive, and process-oriented works.'


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