4 juli 2012

Art in the Amsterdam metro

Pieter Postma

I commute to work: 4 days a week I take the train and the metro. The Amsterdam metro system is very small and driving it every day is not a very inspiring experience. But since some the interiors of the older trains (de Zilvermeeuw for insiders) have been decorated by several artists it's always a surprise which artist to discover next. Dutch readers can find more information here.

For a while now I've been photographing these interiors. I've been posting them on Instagram or on My365. I only just realised that it would make a great blogpost! (if you feel like following me on Instagram look for a user named Sandstraal)

You can find more clearer photos here and here

Anna Ostrowska

Avantia Damberg

Berndnaut Smilde

Chantal Erhardt

Dinand Daling

Herman Lijnbach

Ingrid Roberts

Jeroen Glas

Jetteke Ottevanger

Merel Barends

Million Dollar Design

Niels Mathot

Roos Roelofs

Sibe Jan Kramer

Steven Leijen

Studio Codex - Mendie Karagantcheff

Vitra Mitrichenka and Maxim Tyminko

Viola Renate de Koeyer

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  1. Wow, that would definitely liven up the morning commute! Wish they did this in London :)


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