14 september 2012

Workshop screen printing

Last week I did a two-day workshop screen printing at the Amsterdam Grafisch Atelier. My intension was to learn the process so that I can screen print my own illustrations in the future. The workflow is pretty technical - which I'm not - and requires quite some patience - which I have none. It was scary but in the end pretty awesome to do something out of my comfort zone. I'm very enthusiastic about it and will definitely try it again! 

I decided to use a few of my illustrations to get to know the technique a little better. I used several backgrounds, the green one is a painting I scanned and changed into black and white bitmap.
I made the red and blue background during the workshop; by tearing pieces of paper and exposing that onto the mesh.

picking a mesh

Preparing the mesh with a photosensitive layer.

mixing the ink


Cleaning and stripping the mesh. 

Getting my hands and clothes dirty.

Some of the prints I made.

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