21 november 2012

Forgotten - Cindy Steiler

These works by artist Cindy Steiler move me. The vintage photo's and the stories they tell. I just love the chosen material, the fragility it shows, just amazing.

Artist statement:
'My favorite childhood memories center on spending time with my great-grandmother, Mary Stieler. She taught me to sew, quilt and embroider, all while sharing amazing stories about her life. What she passed to me had been passed to her along a long line of women, inspiring in me a lifelong passion for creating.
Through my work I hope to capture the essence of my relationship with my grandmother while exploring and celebrating all women and girls; our relationships, our daily lives, and our traditions. I want to use my work to preserve and continue the traditions of both craft and story in a way that honors these lineages, but is decidedly modern; that is intensely personal, but accessible to all.'
Check out her website to see other projects she worked on.



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