24 januari 2013

The Fire Bird - Russian fairy tales

I found this gorgeous children's book in a thriftshop. It's an English translation of Russian fairy tales, with beautiful titles. Such as: the fire bird, the frog Tsarevna, chestnut grey, Emelya and the pike, Vasilisa the beautiful. 
I'm always interested in vintage books from Eastern Europe. The illustrations are always so interesting and beautiful. The drawings are by Igor Yershov and Ksenia Yershova. The book was first published in 1973 by Progress Publishers Moscow.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I LOVED this book and used to read it all the time as a kid! Thank you for putting the pictures up!!! I am going to buy it for my daughter! Thank you!!!!

  2. this was my favorite book when i was a childres, i used to dream about this pictures. Im from argentina, amazing how a book can cross the world.


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