14 februari 2010

From you to me... (part one)

I wasn't planning on posting something that had to do with Valentine's day, but when I woke up this morning and found a big bouquet of flowers (!) on the diningroom table I decided to post something about friends and friendship.
In the Netherlands the little girls used to have a 'poezie album' (roughly translated: poetry album). They let their family and friends write a little rhyme, poem or verse in it and they used to decorate it with small images. The pictures show you my old album.

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  1. Hi Ellen, interesting to observe that my handwriting has not improved much in the past 35 years. It still looks like a drunken spider crawling over paper. So a big thank you to the likes of IBM, Intel and Apple to come up with practical tools like keyboard and monitor and a tribute to the inventors of the internet, heheheh
    greetings, Henk


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