26 februari 2010

I'm Jac (Irene Jacobs) in Vancouver!

Yesterday I was searching for new input for a post about an interesting illustrator when Irene Jacobs (I'm Jac) popped into my head. Years ago I worked with her a on an assignment for a Dutch energy company. So I went over to her website and I was utterly surprised and amazed to discover that she made the beautiful illustrations and pictograms for the amazing Vancouver Olympic graphic style (in close collaboration with the Vanoc design team). Probably the whole world was aware of the fact that a Dutch girl was commissioned for this job but I only found out yesterday...
This is what the official Vancouver website says about the graphic style:

'Created in collaboration with illustrator Irene Jacobs of I’m JAC Design, the pictograms represent 19 Olympic and five Paralympic sport disciplines with a simplified silhouette while incorporating the added dynamism of the athlete in motion. The pictograms and sport illustrations were inspired by modern sport photography, pop culture, fashion illustration and manga-style comics (a Japanese genre of comic books) to give athletes an heroic feel and a close-up view of their intensity and athleticism, while also serving as an inspiration to youth.

The second picture is the illustration she did for Eneco, embedded in our graphic design. That was made about 10 years ago, so you can see how her work developed. She has a blog as well.

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