13 juni 2011

Pepper and friends

I love dogs, especially our dog, Pepper. Pepper is an almost 12-year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (a Toller). She's been our companion since she was 8 weeks old. 
Eventhough I'm rather partial to this breed I love all kinds of dogs, big or small, ugly or gorgeous. As long as they are friendly.

I've got a few books about dogs, some of which are vintage.

A small selection of great dog photographers:

Above: Magnum photographer Elliot Erwitt knew exactly how and when to capture the moment.

Above: Tim Flach's beautiful project and book Dogs Gods

Above and video below: William Wegman and his beauties (Weimaraner)

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  1. Brilliant photos! I love the idea of dogs but am not really a 'dog person' when it comes to the real thing. But these pictures -- and the lovely old books -- are great.


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