16 juni 2011

Flip de Beer & Lewis

Last weekend, Flip the Bear was our houseguest once again. For the last time actually. It's always nice to see how dedicated the children are towards this bear. He gets fed, toothbrushed, kissed, dressed, hugged, and above all, he gets around! He stays over at all the kids in class and carries around a big bag with his personal diary. He's been our guest for 6 times and frankly, I've had it with this bear! My inspiration has come to an end. Here and here you can see the other diary entries I made for him.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Zo doet men dat dus met vieze, ranzige Flips! ;) Geweldig mooi dagboek heb je er van gemaakt! Petje af!

  2. Dank je! Ik was eerlijk gezegd inspiratieloos, dus dan maar een stripverhaal... Ik vond het zelf een zwaktebod, maar het resultaat is wel leuk geworden!


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