28 september 2011

Scripta manent

This is a book I rescued from the garbage at work. It is a collection of (fake) letterheads printed on 'Bankpost' This book is actually a sample book for stationary paper. The letterheads were designed by 5 famous Dutch Designers from the sixties and seventies such as Wim Crouwel.

In my work as graphic designer I've designed quite a lot of letterheads however they look a lot different from the ones I show here. Office stationary has changed a lot with the use of Word templates. These days most of the effort goes into designing the inprint. And the only design choices I seem make in this proces are 'do I use Verdana or does Arial look more appropiate?' 



4 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely book! A reminder of the good old days before the dreaded 'Word' ;)

  2. Absolutely! Dealing with Word is not my favorite part of my job.

  3. heel bijzonder, ik ben zo benieuwd wie die andere 4 ontwerpers waren!

  4. Hoi Gertie, dat ware Theo van Diepen, Jan Begeer (hij gaf dit als opdracht aan studenten van de St. Joost), Roel Knobbe, Jan van Toorn en dus ook Wim Crouwel.


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