17 september 2011

Wim Gijzen - 863 municipalities

In 1972 Dutch artist Wim Gijzen set imself to the task to visit and document all the 863 municipalities in the Netherlands. In each municipality he photographed himself near the city sign in panoramic view. Furthermore he bought two postcards; one of which he sent to the Rotterdam Art Foundation. He photographed the shop where he bought the postcards and the post box the mailed the postcard from. 
All of this was brought together in one frame and all 863 frames were brought togeher in the exhibition.

The result is a photo collage of an enormous size. It's a beautiful registration of the Netherlands in the early seventies: the post boxes, the cars, the postage stamps, street signs, shops etc. 

Seen and photographed at the Verbeke Foundation.http://www.verbekefoundation.com/verbeke-foundation-nl.html



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