29 juni 2012

Vintage sewing material

I just love vintage sewing material, too bad it's rather expensive at flea markets... The needle book, for instance was 8 euros. In perfect condition though. The vendor had lots more fantastic ones, I might go back to purchase one or two to start a small collection.

The labels are always a pleasure to look at, the typography and the illustrations are great!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik heb ook zo'n zwak voor oude fournituren, maar inderdaad die prijzen!
    Wel een heel mooi naaldenboekje & compleet zo te zien.

    1. De klosjes zijn nog wel redelijk betaalbaar, maar die prachtige naaldenmapjes zijn echt zo ontzettend prijzig. Jammer, maar begrijpelijk...

  2. Oh these are beautiful! 8 Euros doesn't sound bad at all to me for the needlebook. I'm sure it would cost more in antique shops where I live!

    I am lucky to have heaps of vintage spools of thread as my mum gave me her stash! I just use them as normal threads, however so someday the spools will all be empty. I will keep them for some kind of artwork I think!

    1. Great that you have so many spools! Cherish them! A good idea to make it into an artwork :-)


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